Buffaloes News · Especially For Athletes Recognize Dr. Evans

Tooele High School’s Especially For Athletes is used last week to recognize teachers that make a difference at Tooele High School.  Tonight they would like to recognize Dr. Tom Evans who teaches Forensic Medicine and Biotech at the CLC.  Here is what a couple of his students have to say about Dr. Evans:

“Dr. Evans is different from any other teacher. He truly cares about his students and respects their opinions. He tries to understand his students point of views and works with them.  In class there are discussions and he cares if his students voices are being heard and that everyone is giving input. He gets to know his students as more than just being students and cares about their interests outside of school. Evans also attends Tooele sports games regularly to supporting his student athletes. Tom also cares about the futures of his students. He prepares them for college more than almost any other teacher, is interested in what they want to do be in their future, and is invested in helping them get there. When learning a new subject, he genuinely cares if his students are understanding it. He is extremely patient, understanding, and forgiving. He tries his best to have his students try new things and make class interesting, not to even mention his stories! Count yourself lucky if you have had the pleasure of being in one of his classes. Dr. Evans is arguably the best teacher in Tooele.” – Brinley Smith and McCade Laughlin.

Thank you, Dr. Evans, for being a positive influence at Tooele High School.  We appreciate you!